Entopia Penang

Entopia Penang is one of the most sought after attractions that is best suited for nature and wildlife lovers. The Butterfly Farm is a massive glass-house exhibit where butterflies soar peacefully amidst lush tropical landscapes that also host a wide range of reptiles. Its design is similar to that of the flower dome of Singapore, however it is slightly smaller.

The outside is dominated by a lush green wall which is also known as the vertical garden, which is Malaysia's largest of its sort. Natureland is also one of the major 'outdoor' glasshouse sections, replete with cascades, fake caverns, meadows, and pathways where you may see live butterflies, and other wildlife.

Essential Information

Essential Information

How to Reach Entopia Penang

By Bus:If you are traveling by bus, then you can catch bus 101 and 102 of Rapid Penang that travel between Penang Airport and Teluk Bahang.

By Cab:If you are thinking about how to reach Entopia Penang, then you can travel by cab as Entopia is just around 30 minutes drive away from George Town. You can take the coastal route to Teluk Bahang and then continue for 1.5 km to reach your destination.

Best Time to visit Entopia Penang

The best time to visit Entopia Penang would be at 11:30 AM and 4:00 PM. Come during given time to attend the two daily butterfly release sessions. Watch how one of the pre-selected guests open the plastic cups with the help of staff members and witness the newborn butterflies get free.

Tips to Visit Entopia Penang

Tips to Visit Entopia Penang
  • Make sure that you have ample amount of time to explore the attraction with your kids.

  • Put on comfortable clothing and footwear as you will be walking a lot during the exploration.

  • Get updates on the weather condition and make sure to visit on bright sunny days.

  • Do not carry much of your valuable articles as there is no locker facility.

  • Don't carry any outside food and beverages with you as they are not allowed.

  • You should not pluck flowers from the garden or feed animals.

  • Wear bright colors like red, orange or yellow to attract butterflies

  • You should not disturb the exhibits and smoke around in the park.

  • Book your tickets online to avail yourself discounts and offers on the tickets

Entopia Penang Park Facilities

Entopia Penang Park Facilities
  • Information Counter
  • Sick Bay
  • Nursing Room
  • The Sphere multifunction hall
  • Surau
  • The Atlas
  • Tapestree Cafe
  • Entopia Store
  • EDU Helpdesk
  • FOE Helpdesk

FAQs for Entopia Penang

What are the attractions at The Cocoon ?

    • Pandora Forest: The first stop is Pandora Forest, a UV-lit space where you may discover the various myths and tales about butterflies from around the world. The flower-shaped touch displays in this location contain a variety of stories available to engage kids and adults of all ages, from Chinese folktales to the relevance of butterflies to the Chersonese as well as other American Indian societies.

    • Metamorphosis: This space, which may be the largest in the Cocoon, is crammed with activities and boards that demonstrate how caterpillars change into butterflies. The space is jam-packed with interactive games, specially designed for kids. There are think touch screens and walls where kids can push buttons to see, for example, what kind of eggs belong to particular butterfly species. The fundamental information regarding how moths are formed and their current situation as a dwindling species are effectively presented on interactive boards.

    • Breeding Ground: Heading over to this place you will get a chance to learn more about caterpillars, and the early phases of a butterfly's life in this area of the Cocoon. You can walk into a space with a life-size caterpillar sculpture at its center. It has television screens that display the various leaf varieties the caterpillars consume. Put your ear close to the tiny holes on the sides of the huge caterpillar and hear the many sounds it produces as it chews the leaves.

    • Downtown Entopia: Visitors approach a plaza with a whimsical recreation of a mall created for bugs and insects after going through the Cave of Evolution and its UV-lit walls. This is Entopia's most amusing and kid-friendly area, with everything from food stalls to a liquor store run by "Bug Daniels."

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