Nature Learning Activities

Nature Talk
Nature Talk

Nature Talk is a fascinating guided tour for your entire family to bond with mother nature through Nature Learning Activities. Bring your kids along to help them create a special bond with the butterflies, instilling kindness and empathy in them towards nature and its creations. Get insights into the care and maintenance of the entire area and get to know so much about the flora and fauna.

Vita Nova
Vita Nova

Vita Nova, or New Life, is quite literally the celebration of life. When the butterfly emerges from the cocoon, it is reborn into a new and beautiful life. This new life is celebrated here in Vita Nova. Come and witness the new butterflies fly for the first time and dance around happily. This is guaranteed to make your entire trip worth it.

Bug Exploration
Bug Exploration

Come and meet the creepy crawlies with Entopia Penang tickets! Explore the various insects and bugs of the area and learn to bond with them. Free yourself from the fear of these tiny bugs and play with the harmless ones. Get insights into the fascinating lives of these creatures and expand your knowledge. Try to recognize the common ones and then meet some exotic ones as well.

FAQs for Nature Learning Activities At Entopia Penang

What are the attractions at Entopia Penang?

    • The Natureland: The Natureland is an ecological vivarium, a large garden of its sorts, in the Entopia Penang. It is basically a man made habitat for various species of fauna to reside in. Whether it is an invertebrate, or a reptile, all types of animals are housed here. It consists of 60 species of butterflies, rendering it the largest butterfly garden in the entire nation. The flora collection of the living garden is pretty extensive as well, considering it houses 200 species of plant.

    • The Cocoon: The cocoon is basically a building full of exhibitions as well as** Nature Learning Activities.** It enables the visitors to walk through the entire structure themselves, gaining insights into the lives of invertebrates as well as reptiles.

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