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Entopia Penang Overview

If you are looking for a single place for leisure and education, Entopia butterfly park in Penang is a perfect match. From science enthusiasts to children, it has a place for every kind of visitor. People get to perform exciting activities and learn about butterflies through real-time experience. A teacher with a passion for butterflies founded this place back in 1986 and it became one of the first Tropical and Insect sanctuaries around the globe. 

This prominent tourist attraction in Malaysia, is a home to many insects and reptiles, which is divided into two main zones. The outdoor area or zone is called the Natureland, which has all the gardens, butterflies, and waterbodies. And the indoor spot is called the Cocoon, which has a lot of exciting activities for science enthusiasts and children. Millions of people have bought Entopia Penang tickets to visit this place, embrace its history, and take some break from their monotonous lives. The dome-shaped park conveys a great message regarding butterfly conversion and habitat issues with over 15000 free-flying butterflies. Entopia Penang ticket price is worth this ‘close to nature’ place that helps people spend a productive holiday and foster an interest in entomology. 

Zones at Entopia Penang

The zones in Entopia have far more things to offer than your expectations. The park has classified these zones by their location (outdoors and indoors). The first is a shared ecological space outdoors called Natureland, which contains the major part of nature- the water bodies, gardens, and insects.

You can stroll along the mezzanine-terrace and get a majestic view of our heart of the garden- The Home Tree. The second zone, Cocoon has many knowledgeable things to offer as it constitutes exhibitions and indoor learning activities. This air-conditioned indoor zone can engage both children and adults for hours. Pandora Forest, Metamorphosis, Lumino City, etc. are some of the attractions of this zone.

The Natureland

This zone located outdoors resembles the habitat of thousands of butterflies and insects. There are around 60 different species of butterflies, including exotic and endangered ones, in this zone. Apart from this, Entopia by Penang butterfly farm has several species of reptiles and invertebrates. However, the place does not only revolve around animals, it also offers several species of plants and beautiful artistic gardens.

You can enjoy the famous nature learning activity called Vita Nova where you get to release newly formed butterflies and celebrate their first flight. Natureland's iconic centerpiece, the Home Tree, gives a whole new vibe and you can enjoy its view through the mezzanine terrace. The ecosphere comprises insects, beautiful waterfalls, ponds, artistic gardens, and winding trails.

The Cocoon

The indoor part of Entopia has a lot of exciting things to offer to the little ones. It has a learning exhibition center on two floors. It offers indoor learning activities and interactive edu-stations for both kids and adults. People have the opportunity to learn about the life cycle of butterflies and have fun at Pandora Forest, Metamorphosis, Lumino City, Breeding Ground, and many more attractive places. The exhibition makes you learn about the life of these insects through real-time examples. Children will stick to interactive games and hands-on learning activities for hours.

The place is air-conditioned to beat the heat and is very comfortable. The Time Tunnel is another fun part of the indoors, it changes colors and lights up as you walk through it. Overall, the indoor part of the park is full of fun and infotainment.

Nature Learning Activities at Entopia Penang

The nature learning activities, exhibitions, and educational activities at Entopia divert your mind toward the ever-evolving natural world. From workshops that make you keen on nature to exciting games that indirectly teach you about it, Entopia Penang tickets include every exciting thing in the farm. If you have an undiscovered passion for wildlife, Entopia is practically a trip in the mysteries or secrets of mother nature that will keep you engaged for hours without noticing the time.

Nature Talks

The fun activity offers you the opportunity to be a nature enthusiast if you aren’t one already. You will be fascinated to listen to these guides and people who gather to talk about their passion for mother nature. You take back a lot of passion and enthusiasm from this activity.

Vita Nova

Vita Nova means New Life, describing its name, this activity lets you celebrate the first flight of many newly emerged butterflies. They will release these butterflies in their garden, and you will be able to see them dance and fly in the open space. Attending this sport will definitely give you an exciting story to tell your friends back home.

Bug Exploration

As the name suggests, this activity takes you on a trip into the lives of bugs and learn more about their life and death. This activity becomes a lot more fun and exciting when you learn all this by watching lively Bugs around you at the park.

Nature Learning Programs at Entopia Penang

1) Kindergarten and Primary School: Who let the Bugs out?- The activity teaches the role of bugs in nature. The kids learn how these tiny insects can be significant to our ecosystem.Jungle Musica- Jungle Musica is a fun school activity where children learn by watching and hearing the insects and appreciate nature by its sound and visuals.Insect Mania- This activity teaches the kids about the growth and transformation of insects from regular creatures to beauties which introduces a lot of life lessons to the children.Repbians 2-in-1- This adventurous and slimy exercise orients the difference between amphibians and reptiles among the children by giving real-life examples to them.Where's my house?- The activity teaches children about the habitat of insects, providing knowledge about different climate conditions every insect and animal needs to follow to stay alive.

2) Secondary School, College, and University: Crick Crick Charade- This game or activity is similar to a get-together with friends as you get to play and learn some mind-blowing facts about crawling insects.Irama Hunters- You need to capture the most creative pictures of even the smallest creatures of the park, then you can solve several quests and capture creative photos to rule in this game.

3) School Outreach: Crawlies, let's go- This fantastic outreach allows you to book a preferred location and time to bring the insects and learn about them in your comfort. You get an experience of an extraordinary face-to-face encounter with the insects.

4) Organizations and CorporationBug rover for hire- The roving truck of Entopia brings the insect world closer to the community. It has customizable activities to choose like petting sessions and art and craft workshops.Corporate team building- Specially designed for adults and organizations, this activity focuses on developing skills among the clients. The out-of-the-office environment offers many exciting and challenging games to the performers.

5) Workshops, Events, and Others: Teacher's workshop- These nature-inspired workshops cater to the enthusiasm of teachers and people with a passion for nature. It is a networking platform that helps you share your enthusiasm for mother nature.Nature Camp- The overnight nature camp is a perfect blend of adventure and fun with activities like night farm tour, hands-on session, mystery box challenge, etc. You can choose to stay for one or two nights at Entopia and experience a memorable time.

Why to Visit Entopia Penang?

  • Entopia Penang is a blend of entomology and utopia. It is a paradise on Earth with beautiful insects and butterflies flying around freely.
  • You get a break from your monotonous lives and refresh your minds by walking through the green park and waterfall.
  • Entopia Penang tickets have activities for people of all age groups which includes Nature talk, Irama hunters, Vita Nova, etc. Everyone from children to adults can spend hours in this place without getting bored.
  • Entopia is one of the world's largest and Malaysia's most famous tropical butterfly farms.
  • It is the best place for an educational, recreational, and fun holiday.

Know Before You Book Entopia Penang Tickets

Essential Information
Rules & Regulations

Location: No.830, Jalan Teluk Bahang, Teluk Bahang, 11050 Tanjung Bungah, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Timing: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The last entry is at 5:00 PM. Entopia is closed every Wednesday.

How to reach

By Car- Entopia Penang has a huge parking space. You can drive a car or book a van from George Town to directly come to the park. There is also a facility for a Grab car from George town at a reasonable price.

By Bus- You can catch a bus directly from Penang airport to Teluk Bahang.

Age RestrictionsEntopia allows free entry to kids below three years of age and people with special disabilities if they show an O.K.U card.

  • Information counter
  • Nursing or first aid room
  • Sick Bay
  • Surau
  • The sphere-shaped multifunctional hall
  • The Atlas
  • The Tapestree cafe
  • Entopia store for public
  • EDU Helpdesk
  • FOE Helpdesk

The park has a separate dining space where you sit at Tapestree cafe and eat while enjoying nature. Entopia Penang tickets allow you to have gourmet snacks, Asian meals, western chips, salad, and many more exciting dishes from around the Globe at this dining space. You can have fun conversations over a cup of coffee sitting along with nature's sight at this cafe.

Entopia has a separate e-commerce web page on its website to sell products and services. The products in this segment of Entopia include:-- Books, - Pupa, - Mantis, - Bugsy box, - Phasmid, - Souvenirs.

  • No pets are allowed inside the park premises.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the building and the park.
  • Use designated recycle bins for litter.
  • Visitors shall not try to touch, handle, or disturb any animal.
  • Plucking flowers is prohibited.
  • Gambling or other dangerous acts such as climbing a tree is not allowed.

Why To Book Entopia Penang Tickets Online

A visit to Malaysia is incomplete without visiting one of the largest and richest ecological diversity of the country. The Entopia Penang tickets can be acquired on-site, but it is better to book them online. Access to several activities are subject to availability if you book your tickets on the spot. Prior online reservation will help you get easy and hassle-free access to all the facilities that the park provides. To avoid standing in long queues and get the most of your visit at the best price, book your Entopia Penang tickets online at the earliest.

The Entopia Penang ticket price includes admission to the park as well as self-guided access to both the zones of the park. Some of the highlights of the farm are the Nature learning activities like Bug exploration, Nature talk, and Vita Nova. You get to see and explore nature at its best.

Places To Visit Near Entopia Penang

The two longest bridges in the country join the island and the peninsula of Penang. There is no dearth of tourist destinations in the state, as Penang offers a rich culture and a refreshing environment. One can visit George Town, which is a significant tourist destination due to its history related to WWII. Places like Penang National Park and The Habitat Penang Hill are other places to visit near Entopia Penang and also among the best destinations to spend holidays productively. Here one can get close to nature and make sure that they have a knowledgeable and serene trip.

The Habitat Penang Hill

This place of attraction lets you truly feel nature and hear its sound when you start this trip through a 1.6km long trail via the ancient forest. The place offers an interesting sport called the Langur Way Canopy Walk which gives you an even better view of the surroundings. The Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk is another exciting activity where you can walk 360 degrees through the highest point on the island. The Habitat Penang hill is 9km from George Town and is open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Clan Jetties, George Town

Chinese immigrants have created this urban settlement called Clan Jetties and the state of Penang currently has six jetties at its waterfront. Their houses are built on water with the help of stilts. These jetties remind the state about its history of industries working to shape Penang. Visitors will feel nostalgic walking through their houses when they visit the place.

Kek Lok Si Temple

A prominent attraction and heaven for Buddhist pilgrims, Kek Lok Si Temple is built over a large land area and has around 10,000 Buddha Statues with several other small statues. The religious place has a 37-meter-tall bronze sculpture of the Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin. Not only this, the Temple also has colorful prayer halls, beautiful gardens, and ponds to offer the pilgrims.

Penang National Park

Comprising five different habitats and 400 different plant species, Penang National Park is another fun learning destination in Penang and perfect to spend holidays. The park has trails, which zigzag your way into the jungle and can only be reached by trekking up a hill at the end of the Monkey beach. An adventurous 250 meters long Canopy walk offered by the park helps you explore the park through treetops.

Penang Hill Funicular, Bukit Bendera

The World's steepest tunnel track is present in this Penang hill railway around the upper stations of the beautiful Penang hill Funicular train. You get to experience traveling in air-conditioned cable cars and reach the other side in between 5-25 minutes.

Batu Ferringhi Night Market

You can pick up traditional souvenirs, including batik prints and delicate paper lamps from this place comprising 100 stalls. The famous market also has copies of famous clothes and accessories for you to take back things not less than branded items. After being exhausted from the shopping, savor delicious dishes at the restaurants present in the market.

FAQs for Entopia Penang

What is Entopia Penang famous for?

Entopia butterfly park Penang is famous for being one of the most beautiful Butterfly farms with over 50000 species of Butterfly freely roaming around the gardens. Entopia is among the first tropical and insect sanctuaries in the world.

Can I leave and re-enter with Entopia Penang tickets?

You can leave and re-enter with Entopia Penang tickets on the same day at no extra charge. You just have to get your hands stamped at the admission counter before leaving.

Can I get wheelchairs at Entopia Penang?

Yes, Entopia Penang provides wheelchairs to people with disabilities. There are two parking bays for handicap/https://www.O.K.U visitors. The park also has a separate restroom for disabled visitors.

What are the things not to carry at Entopia Penang?

  • The remote control flying gadgets such as drones, planes, etc.
  • Personal vehicles such as roller blades, roller skates, skateboards, wheeled shoes, etc.
  • All alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, whisky, etc.
  • Weapons and sharp objects of any kind such as knives, blades, guns, explosives, etc.
  • Fireworks and firecrackers of any kind.

What to wear while visiting Entopia Penang?

Visitors' clothing should adhere to Malaysian laws. Clothes with obscene language are not allowed in the park. Make sure to wear something comfortable and easy to enjoy your trip.

Can i book Entopia Penang tickets online?

Yes, you can book Entopia Penang tickets online easily.

What is the best way to book Entopia Penang tickets?

The best way to book Entopia Penang tickets is via online.


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